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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 07:10 pm IST

The smallest hearing aid manufactured so far "Siemens I mini"

OtologySiemens has developed the smallest hearing aid so far. It snugly fits into the external ear and is

not visible even to the discerning eye. Since this device fits into the ear canal snugly it needs

to be customized according to the individual requirements. It is also costly as it is labour intensive.

It is very sensitive and is able to pick out even whispered words and is very unobtrusive. These features make

it really useful for the first time hesitant hearing aid users and regular users alike. It can be programmed according

to the requirement of the user and hence need not be regularly tuned. It uses 16 channel digital signal processing.

It is appropriate for patients with mild to moderate conductive hearing losses.

Its other features include:

1. Extended frequency range

2. Feed back stopper

3. Noise reduction

4. Wind noise reduction


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