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Sunday, August 19 2018 @ 07:55 am IST

HERMES C. GRILLO Thoracic surgeon unparallel

LaryngologyHermes C Grillo regarded as the father of modern Tracheal surgery Professor of Surgery

Emeritus at Harvard Medical School. He died in an auto mobile accident in October 2006.

Born in 1923 he devised many original tracheal surgical procedures. He also published

close to 350 scientific articles on this subject.

His knowledge of laryngo-tracheal anatomy was unparalleled. As a surgeon he never hesitated

to go back to the dissection room to get things sharpened. Despite his excellent technical skills

he was very conservative in his surgeries. He was a thinking surgeon who always planned out

his surgical procedures well in advance. He was the one who hated to have surprises on the Table.


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